Cargo Van Partitions

Choose the Right Partition for Your Fleet

Choosing a high-quality partition is important for every commercial vehicle to protect drivers from heavy or loose items in the cargo area. Masterack offers a variety of cargo van partitions including steel, composite and wire mesh with solid, perforated or door access. Pick the best option for your fleet to keep drivers safe on the road ahead.

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Composite Partitions

Masterack cargo van partition, black Lightweight composite partitions can be up to 40% lighter than steel alternatives. Made of textured composite material for scratch resistance and quick cleaning, this option is great for those looking to maximize payload.

Steel Partitions

Masterack steel partition, black High-quality steel van partitions protect the driver and allow for mounting accessories to the cargo or cab side for convenient storage. Choose from solid or perforated panels to increase visibility.

Door Access Partitions

Masterack door access partitions For drivers that need easy access to the cargo area, choose a partition with a sliding or hinged door. Made of high-quality steel construction, doors lock when not in use to ensure safety.

Wire Mesh Partitions

Masterack wire mesh partition Partitions made of steel wire mesh allow full visibility into the cargo area and reduce vehicle blind spots. This option is best suited for vans transporting larger items.

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