How To Operate the UPLYFT Ladder Rack

If you recently purchased an UPLYFT Ladder Rack or are considering adding one to your upfit – you might be wondering how easy it is to operate the system on the job site. Time is money, and loading and unloading your ladder rack shouldn’t slow you down when you’re on the job. So, we built the UPLYFT system with speed and ergonomics in mind. From install to operation, operators will love how easy it is to use Masterack’s newest drop-down, rotation style ladder rack system.

Five Easy Steps

  1. Remove the extension pole from the inside the back door of your vehicle.
  2. Insert, twist and lock the pole into the bracket on the back.
  3. Rotate the extension pole clockwise and the ladder rack will lift and drop to the side of the vehicle.
  4. Use the handle to lift the orange lever and lower the padded slide.
  5. Lift your ladder off the rack and go to work
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