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Masterack started as the metal fabrication division of the Southern Spring Bed Company in Atlanta, Georgia. During the Great Depression, they branched into other markets beyond bed springs, which included fixtures and displays of all types for the beverage industry, and welded wire shelving for a local telephone company to install in their service vans. In 1972, Masterack patented the original roof-mounted clamping ladder rack, which quickly became the industry standard for utility vehicles of all types, from cargo vans to station wagons.

When Masterack was purchased by Leggett & Platt, Inc., in 1972, the renewed financial backing of L&P enabled the company to expand the truck equipment business beyond the local telephone company. The ladder racks and "KD" shelving packages began to appear in service vehicles all over the country.

The next three decades saw rapid change and growth at Masterack. The company began installing van interiors and pickup caps at a facility down the street from the manufacturing plant, and then opened new facilities around the country to provide nationwide ship-thru installation. The manufacturing plant was constantly upgraded and expanded into the 406,000 square feet that it is today.

Masterack now boasts a 406,000 square foot manufacturing facility in Atlanta, GA. Our manufacturing focus is on hard-tooling all high volume parts, holding cost and delivery time as low as possible. Masterack draws on the worldwide resources of Leggett & Platt, Inc., to supplement our capabilities and design expertise. We utilize L&P facilities all over North America to engineer and manufacture commercial vehicle products from sheet metal, welded wire, and composite materials.